Samstag, 10. September 2011

Latzfonser Kreuz

The plan was to go over the Windleger until the Latzfonser Kreuz (2.350 mt) and after that we wanted to reach the lake of the Radlsee (2.250 mt). Thats is why we started from the Gasser Hütte (1.600 mt) knowing that until the Radlsee we will make at least 1.500 highmeters.... so far the plan... at the end we had to take a littel shortcut down to Feldthurns to change a bike but so we had the opportunity to enjoy the good cakes of the Unterwirt and after that the nice trails of the Kastanienweg until Brixen. Arriving there at 17:00 we had yet an other fantastic day and if we can fix all the broken bikes until tomorrow so the Pfunderer Joch will be taken under our wheels.

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