Mittwoch, 31. März 2010


To warm up we went to Salern and Vahrner Lake. After that we decided to visit the upper Franzensfeste before heading to Spinges. From there we took the beautiful trail down to Mühlbach. A huge stuffed bread gave us the energy to make the last km to Natz and than back down to Brixen. 42 km and 1.050 hm
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Montag, 29. März 2010

St. Andrä-Klausen-Keschtnweg

The weather conditions are still not what we want do see in March but anyway it is good enough for having fun on the lower trails of Brixen. Above 1.300 mt you can forget biking but thank god we have many other the "Keschtnweg".
43 km and 1.168 hm.
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Samstag, 27. März 2010

once around Brixen

My first guided biketour this year took us up to Salern where two people had to turn back because of a severe bike dammage (freilauf gebrochen). With the reste of the party I went to Franzensfeste, Mühlbach (lunch) and Natz (coffee) just before riding the amazing trail nr. 1 down to Brixen. 34 km and 825 hm.
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Montag, 15. März 2010

Finale Ligure (Ciappi e Capra cazzuta)

On our last day we wanted to make two classic hills. First we climbed up S. Bernardino to find (by mistake) a very nice trail which took us to Ferigno and than back to Borgo Finale. After a short break we climbed up the "Capra Zoppa" and before getting lost a bit (pic. 2) we jumped down a very difficult trail (at least for me 2 sections were not ridable) to Finale. At 2 p.m. also this sunny biking day was over and a 5 hour drive took as home to Brixen... Finale Ligure: I'll be back.
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Samstag, 13. März 2010

Finale Ligure (Capo Noli)

Yet an other nice day in the cliffs of the Riviera. This time we left the base (hotel San Giuseppe, 3 star, 50 €) one hour earlier because our plans were to reach Noli which is quite a bit. Weahter was perfect and soon we were at the Monte Capo Noli from where the cliffs pend 350 mt straight down to the blue sea. The downhill on the trail nr. 5 to Noli was really worth it. From Noli we took the highway back to Finale (about 10 km against teh wind... phu) from where (after lunche) I climed up again the Bric Briga (320 mt) because i wanted to test a trail (a guide from town denominated it as "very hard")... it was quite difficult and I even had to go off the bike twice... but all the rest was just amazing. All in all 43 km and 1.200 hm...
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Freitag, 12. März 2010

Finale Ligure (Altopiano delle Manie)

Our first day in Finale Ligure startet with a 500 mt uphill (because the guy from the shuttle service was to lazy to work) and a beautifull downhill to Varigotti... after a nice salad (pic. 1 Bar Van Gogh, with nice and sexy waitress) we climbed up the same hill again to find an other breathtaking downhill down to Finale... weather was good, trails mostly dry and the snow of the last days was completely gone... eccept a little snowman on the top (pic. 4)
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