Freitag, 2. Dezember 2011

Winter can wait... but not too long

Due to the unreal weather conditions me and my friends decided to make an other "last bike tour of this season". Infact it is already the 3rd last tour because each week we were sure that the snow would come soon. Anyway yesterday we climbed up to the Plose (2.500 mt) to enjoy the breathtaking trail nr. 6 from there down to the Ochsenalm. Some little spots of snow made it really dangerous and 1 wrong step could mean a really fast downhill. After some Speck and wine (we brought it up in our backpacks because everything is close there now) we biked on the trail nr. 30 to Kreuztal and than down the 3 and 5a and 7 to Brixen. It was already dark when we finally get to the hotel. So if it really wouldnt snow next week we are already looking foreward to the next "last biketour of the season".

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