Samstag, 13. März 2010

Finale Ligure (Capo Noli)

Yet an other nice day in the cliffs of the Riviera. This time we left the base (hotel San Giuseppe, 3 star, 50 €) one hour earlier because our plans were to reach Noli which is quite a bit. Weahter was perfect and soon we were at the Monte Capo Noli from where the cliffs pend 350 mt straight down to the blue sea. The downhill on the trail nr. 5 to Noli was really worth it. From Noli we took the highway back to Finale (about 10 km against teh wind... phu) from where (after lunche) I climed up again the Bric Briga (320 mt) because i wanted to test a trail (a guide from town denominated it as "very hard")... it was quite difficult and I even had to go off the bike twice... but all the rest was just amazing. All in all 43 km and 1.200 hm...
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